Saturday 29 January 2011

Time for a clear out

Whoops! Almost another month has passed me by without blogging again, I really must do something about it. On a positive note though I have had an excuse. Cooking a small person inside you really takes it out of you and I have been feeling totally and utterly drained.

Things seem to be changing slowly now and I have been up and about and making in my studio again. That in itself has made me chirpier and I am slowly starting to return to my regular self.

On reading through the many blogs that I follow this week I was inspired by a post by A Thrifty Mrs who had been having a handbag de-clutter. Those of you who remember my old blog 'Operation de-clutter' will know how much I love the odd clear out so when Mrs Thrifty challenged me to The Great Handbag De-Clutter who was I to decline such a kind invitation?

So here goes:

Things had got really bad here in the Beautiful Things household as not only did I have my current handbag to de-clutter but there was also the problem of handbag number 2. Let me explain................

Back before Christmas you may remember I bought myself my lovely Cath Kidston Messenger bag. She became my good friend, but due to her vast expanse, slowly began to fill and fill and fill until she became simply too heavy to carry. Upon a recent trip to ThomasLand with Little Mack the need for a smaller bag arose and instead of de-cluttering at this stage, the humble CK messenger got placed on the door handle with just the bare essentials of money and phone being removed for continued use. Bag number 2 had been born!!!

The humble CK stayed put on the door handle harbouring nothing but useless bits and peices, in fact here is what can be found inside her lovely spotty interior:

Lots and lots of receipts, shopping lists, dirty tissues and cold and flu medicine, along with a few pens, nail files, my missing woolly hat and my sunglasses!

Here is what handbag number 2 is harbouring:

Yet more receipts and mouldy old tissues,but I think you will agree a bit more of a useful selection of goodies, although far too much and once again a job lot of items causing my bag to become just a tiny bit on the heavy side.

After much deliberation the two piles were thinned out and inter whined and now the content so my oh so lovely CK messenger will be:

That is of course until Baby Mack arrives and I get a new shiny CK change bag to fill up with rubbish too!!! Watch this space for 'The Great Change Bag De-Clutter' coming to a blog near you soon!

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  1. Thanks for joining in!
    Can you lift that bag a bit easier now?