Thursday 13 October 2011

Posh Poppies

Ever watched the telly in October/November time and wondered where the celebrity or news reader got there beautiful poppy brooch from?

Lots of crafty people like myself start making poppy brooches about this time of year and sell them to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal, after all what celeb wouldn't want to look posh? I know what I would prefer to wear over a paper poppy.

These celebs pay fortunes for their poppies and a good proportion of the cost does get donated to the Royal British Legion, but I know I don't have hundreds of pounds to spare for something I'll wear for one year only and only for a month at most, you cant wear the same poppy year after year (although I bet some people do) it kind of defeats the object! they are:

The Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness version, at only £4.50 each with a donation of £1.50 for every poppy sold going straight to the poppy appeal.

As you can see they are all slightly different, some are satin, some linen and some plain cotton. Some have buttons, some flowers, some felt puffs. They are finished on the reverse with a felt scalloped circle and spring loaded brooch pin.

I will be selling these at craft fairs and around and about on my travels in Brentwood over the next few weeks so you can pick which one you would like to wear. If however you would like me to post you one I will happily do so for an extra £1.20. Payment can be made via paypal, please e-mail me at if you would like to order one, other wise I will see you on my travels over the next month. I cant promise which one you will get, although if there is a type you really don't want let me know and I'll do my best!

Please be assured I will be making a donation to RBL after remembrance day and I will post a copy of my receipt/letter/certificate (whichever they decide to send me) so you can see how much I have raised.

Just remember:- Wear your poppy with pride


  1. These are lovely. A great idea, and likely to last a bit longer than the usual paper ones!

  2. Hi Claire,
    these look fabulous and I would love to purchase a few for my family! Can you advise of dates, times and locations of your craft fairs so I can come and visit?

    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Chrissie, My next craft fair is Saturday 29th at the Reading Rooms in Billericay 10am - 4pm

  4. This is a fabulous idea - thank you for sharing! I run a Brownie unit & we tend to make special ones to wear at the Remembrance Sunday Parade (but mainly to show off in front of the Scout as they tend to outnumber us!)