About Me

I am a self taught craftsperson, Mummy of 2 and a self obsessed de-clutterer & bootsaleaholic.  

My blog is all about my adventures with crafts, being a parent and desperately trying to organise my house and my life.  Most of the time I fail at the later and revert to hiding in my studio with my trusty sewing machine or crochet hook and ever growing fabric and yarn stash.  I am based in Brentwood, Essex and enjoy making most things, but my passion is crochet.

Having previously sold glass painting, handmade soaps and handcrafted cards as part of the growing craft fair circuit I have gained many years of experience in the 'handmade' industry and with the current fashion to 'Make do and Mend' I have combined my craft skills and my love of vintage and vintage inspired materials to create my growing textiles business.
As well as creating for myself I also enjoy nothing more than sharing my skills and knowledge and with previous experience in the education industry I have developed a prospectus of classes, and workshops that you are able to join in with and learn at our dedicated studio.