Thursday 21 August 2014

Meet Mummy

My lovely Mum enjoys nothing more than unpicking all my charity shop and bootsale finds.  I love a good upcycle and often make items from old bedding, curtains and remnants.

I bring them home to Mum and she sits and un-picks furiously, washes and presses the items and then returns the fabric ready for me to make things from. (I know I'm lucky, perhaps I should consider hiring her out?)

month I brought home a duvet cover from the bootsale.  It cost me £2 and was IKEA and a kind of lighweight cheesecloth.  Originally I had wanted to make the By Hand London Anna dress in it, but Mum had other ideas when she started unpicking.

"I quite fancy a dress in this" she remarked upon returning the unpicked, washed and pressed fabric.  Well what could I say? She works hard for nothing so I took some measurements, talked to her about what she wanted and got to work.

I used my Buttericks bodice and added (with a few cheeky tweaks to the side seams) a pleated skirt which was in Mums Prima magazine. She didn't want a full skirt as being petite it would have looked too huge.

I only wish I'd made a toille of the bodice though as it needed some major adjustment in the shoulders (4cm removing on either side of the shoulder seams) and darts put in the back as Mum is so tiny. Still I know for next time she wants an item made that these areas will need tweaking.

Sadly just as I got it finished the weather changed an t would appear Autumn has arrived.  Looks like this might get packed away till next summer now!


  1. I love it!! Maybe enter it into to up cycled category in the show! From duvet to dress via BTHQ!

  2. Very pleased with my new dress. The material does not make your eyes go all funny it is just the photograph for some reason. Like when a TV newsreader has something stripey on.

    Now know where to get my winter wardrobe from that does not consist entirely of Trousers.