Friday 15 August 2014

A little something for Little Miss Mack

I have had this project cut out and in the bottom of my sewing basket for a month or so now.  Feeling chilly and smelling Autumn in the air today made me realise that sumer was almost over and if I didn't get it sewn up soon then she would not get a chance to wear it.

Little Miss Mack has had this fabulous pair of Giraffe print Sinbad pants for a couple of years, they are fabulously fun and so comfy (I'm imagining) and perfect for knocking about in.

 I took a look at them and pulled them apart a bit and realised that they were basically a pair of wide leg trousers with a waist and leg cuffs which has been shirred after assembling.  Not too tricky said I, nothing I havn't done before so off I went.

I started by stretching out the waistband and leg cuffs and drawing roughly round the original pair folded in half so I got 1 leg.  I added 5/8" to each side and a bit of length so that they would be closer to age 3-4 than the age 2 of the original pair.

Then I worked out how long the waistband would be and cut a strip slightly longer by a couple of inches and 4" wide.  I did the same with the leg cuffs.

I assembled the trousers as per a simple wide leg pant pattern, added the cuffs and waistband as if they were biased binding and then added 3 rows of shirring directly onto the doubled up cuffs and hey presto one pair of fabulous floral Sinbad pants.

I'm going to have a go at a pair for me now following the same method.  If it's successful I think I will run a class so you can all have a go.  They would make amazing yoga pants don't you think?

You might have spotted the fabric is the left over bits from my Matilde blouse I made earlier in the year.  That's the annoying thing about dress making, those big hunks of fabric you cant do much with.......................unless of course you own your very own small person!

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