Sunday 3 February 2013

Love & Hate

Following my decision to up sticks from Chicken and Frog and move to a shiny new venue of my own, both Natasha and I have been asked by so many people if we have fallen out.....................

What amazes us even more is that people even seem to be making a special trip into the shop just to ask us!!

We would love to say, "Oh yes, we had a terrible row" or "I simply cannot work with her anymore" but honestly; NO we have not fallen out.  I was offered an opportunity that was too good to turn down and I grabbed it with both hands.  

In Fact I'll be really sad when I finally teach my last class at Chicken and Frog on the 26th Feb as I will no longer enjoy the banter between Mrs Chicken and Mr Frog, we have already talked about a long range walkie talkie so we can still shout loving abuse at each other on a daily basis.

Fear not, our partnership is far from over, we will continue to work closely on a number of projects during the year and the Radford and Mackaness families remain GREAT FRIENDS.

No drama here!

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