Friday 23 September 2011

The Cookery Angel

In the short time that I have been 'going solo' I have been very fortunate to meet some truly talented people through both my active community work and my web based socialising. One of those lovely people is Linda a.k.a 'The Cookery Angel'.

Those of you who regularly follow my blog will remember that a few months back Linda was running a special offer for her wonderful afternoon tea in a box and I was running some joint promotions.

During this time Linda was out and about in the town actively promoting her wares and handing out cupcakes and scones to anyone with a sweet tooth and some pennies to spare.

This proved no easy task carrying a hamper of goodies, a money purse, notebook, napkins, teabags, cutlery, business cards, fliers, wet wipes, car keys and a phone at the same time as trying to talk to potential customers and sell your product, so Linda turned to Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness to help her out.

Linda is a huge fan of Emma Bridgewater so I used a couple of her lovely heart print tea towels to make her the perfect accessories to match her lovely pink and white uniform. First up was this little half apron:

That when lifted up reveals a secret flap full of pockets for all of Lindas goodies.

A zipper pouch for coins with a pocket behind it for notes, room for a pen, notebook and business cards and a little mini teabag holder too.

Next up was a large roll out carry case which ties onto the apron ties.

Inside is room for lots of teabags, cutlery and napkins.

To make her customers cake buying experience even nicer Linda uses strawberry scented wet wipes and so I also made her this lovely wet wipe case which can attach to the other side of her apron.

Just for Linda this one a little mini teabag holder from the remaining scraps.

If you would like to sample some of the Cookery Angels lovely cupcakes she will be demonstrating the creation of her award winning tipsy Apple and Blackberry cupcakes at Steamer Trading in Brentwood High Street this Tuesday 27th September at Midday.

(This is a new store so is not on the website yet, but if you come to the centre of the high street they are opposite the church ruins).

I love to undertake custom commissions so if there is a project you think I might be able to help you with then feel free to drop me a line

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