Sunday 11 April 2010

A very busy day

I am bemused............I am a generally busy person, juggling being a mummy with a day job and a craft obsession. But on a good day if I was to write down a list of what I had achieved it wouldn't account to very much and by 5pm I'd be shattered and ready for bed (not that I'd let myself go until 11pm)! Well it makes absolutely no sense. Today I was up at 6.30am and at the bootsale mooching by 7am. I was in the car again by 8.30am as I had spent all my pennies! Look at these wonderful vintage dresses.

Brand New St Michael dresses! (M&S to you youngsters). The lady had a box full and they were only £1 each. If I had had more than £10 in my purse I would have bought the lot and made a fortune on Ebay. The brown and purple ones are destined to be chopped up, but lime green and polka dots just happen to be my favourite combination and I think that with a bit off the bottom and a belt of some type the 3rd one could become something yummy for me.

Anyway, back to my busy day..........By 8.45am I was home and in the garden getting in 4 loads of yesterdays washing and putting it away. By 10am I had done another 2 loads and hung it out to dry, tidied up both my bedrooms, made tea and toast for the whole family and jumped about on the bed with Little Mack. He enjoyed perusing his Thomas books whilst I folded the towels.

Mr Mack and Little Mack went off swimming at 10.30am so it was off to the studio to make 3 card samples for this afternoons class. During that time another 2 loads went in the machine then I hung it out and I loaded the car with lots of crafty goodness. A quick spot of lunch and it was off to the community centre to set up. Here is our work area all set out

and the cards we were due to work on.

My lucky pupils even had all this crafty stash to peruse and purchase after their class.

I was back home after a fab class by 5pm and took some time out to watch a spot of Thomas the tank and catch up on the tinterweb. Little Mack was in bed by 7pm and it was time to load the car for tomorrows stall at the NCT Easter party, unload from the class and put everything away, tidy the studio and sort out all my fat quarters, eat dinner, watch Dr Who and sew up 2 flower corsages including another one of these, which I made earlier in the week to go with my new orange cardi. Just time for a glass of the good stuff before heading off to bed. Trouble is...........

I'm not tired!...........................Go Figure

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