Friday 19 March 2010

A crafty field trip

This is a ridiculously picture heavy post but I just had to share with you some of the shots I took during my little trip round Libertys and John Lewis today. Enjoy crafty friends.

What a great quote

Vintage at it's best (and most expensive)

Some of these fat quarter bundles were in excess of £80 each!

I just loved these little jars full of amazing fabric covered buttons. At £24 each I was not going to buy one but have an idea for my Folksy shop!

These fabric flowers were £74 each!!

John Lewis does kath Kitston very well!

I dont knit, but these yummy Amy Butler bags are enough to make me want to start!


  1. lummy would you ever look at all that ribbon. Our John Lewis in Lisburn is currently held up by legal guff at the minute and I've been cursing that fact for years now, but after seeing your photos maybe it's not such a bad thing. My credit cards would take some hammering:)

  2. Great blog, I would love a browse at Liberty, Clare x

  3. Mental note of buttons in pretty jars for next fair I do...Fainted at fabric prices, picked myself up and now a follower!

    Fab Pics - thanks for sharing - Your post on folksy led me here X

  4. Please, please, take me there a.s.a.p. I just wanted to pick things up and handle them. I love those little fabric flowers with faces. I am sure you could make some like them, I need some. Please.

  5. Fabulous - I love mooching around JL just to get ideas of colours etc. Not been to Liberty for decades but remember my Mum taking me when I was little - she always spoke of it in awed tones and taught me dressmaking when I was about 13. I remember cutting into my first piece of tana lawn...

  6. wow what gorgeous things and double wow at the price of those fabric flowers!!

  7. Fantastic photos! I'm going again in a couple of weeks - hands down my favourite shop in the world!!