Friday 12 March 2010

A swap

So I've been looking through other crafters flickr streams this evening whilst waiting for my dear Husband to remove the telephone from his ear and I have come across some lovely things.

This particular bag made me go all squiffy

I also visited my new crafty friend Tracey this morning to drop off some buttons I had dug out for her and couldn't help noticing her rather funky pin cushion.

You can just about see it in the top right of this piccy

So there is so much talent out there and I want to see more of it, therefore I am proposing a swap. Whoever wants to join me is more than welcome, simply tell me your name and link to your blog in the comments section and then choose a theme that you like best so that your swap partner can make you something to that theme. It could be Retro, Vintage, Bright & Cheerful or just a simple favourite colour.

Then once I have allocated you all a swap partner get making. It can be anything you like but must be 100% handcrafted. Jewellery, crochet, patchwork, papercraft the possibilities are totally endless.

You have until next Friday to sign up and then till the end of April to make and send your item to your partner. Once you have received your item please blog about it so we can all see.

So whose in?


  1. I'm up for a swap. Loving turquoise at the moment.

  2. Count me in! Anything purple would be much loved! And thanks for featuring my blog - the pincushion was made by mum xx

  3. Oooooo cute plan!! I read about you on Tracey's blog a minute ago...
    I would love to join in if you will have me?

    I make:
    Felt brooches
    Felt monsters
    or mini bunting.

    I would love:
    A funky pin cushion if anyone makes funky pin cushions!

  4. Forgot that I could do a "Little musings" portrait in return if people prefered!

  5. Ohhhhh that Trace is such a bad bad influence on me....I wanna join in too!

    I think I am pretty nifty at handmade jewelery, in particular dangly earrings :).
    There are no piccies of them on my BLOG but still some to view on my ETSY

    I am not really bothered what I get in return - I appreciate anything handmade as long as it has something with skulls on/it/about it :)

  6. Ok girls, We still need one more participant or three or 5 LOL!! Can you all post details on your blogs to entice some new people to join us please?

  7. I have blogged - I hope you get some more sign ups!

  8. ohhh yes il play along. I make pretty Pin Cushions which can be seen on my blog

    I would love anything, i love anything to do with sewing and scrapping. I love pin and shabby Chic or super funky

    Can i play?

    Oh and i read this on SJ's blog

    Katy x

  9. Ooo, this sounds like a fab idea! Hope I can join in :D
    I love everything girly, glittery and have a particular fondness of all things Ed Hardy-like.

    Oh, and SJ sent me :D

  10. Another one who's made their way from SJs blog! I'd love to play along. I'm a scrapbooker but have rediscovered my love of sewing and taught myself to crochet over Xmas. I guess I'm more of a vintage person and love berry colours.

    My blog is, I shall go back and post about the swap.

  11. Hi, I've just found you through Fay's blog and would love to join in, How fun. I'm:
    I'm a scrapper with a touch of sewing, altered media. I love shabby chic, fun colours, pom poms, bunting.
    Off to shout out about this swap x

  12. Hi, I've never taken part in a swap so this will be exciting!! I'm a scrapbooker who also dabbles in Xstitching, cards & also learned to crochet this year!!
    I love turquoise/aqua - enough said. I also came here via Fays blog xx

  13. hi there
    I found you through Fay's blog and i would love to join in, I am paper crafter and i make things from fabric too, bags, purses, bunting, cushion covers etc etc, so anything goes. I am liking the vintage look at the moment but i also LOVE pink, so honestly i dont mind.

    What a great idea this is.... love and hugs

    Sal xxx

  14. Hi, I saw this via SJ's blog too. I was a scrapbooker but now I'm a sewer. I make anything really, doorstops, tissue cases, pincushions, hearts, bunting, patchwork cushions etc. I love anything hand made from fabric. Especially gingham. I also love vintage, flowery things. I'd love to join this swap please.

    Sharon x

  15. Okay I am in, sign me up. SJ sent me over....she is doing well on referrals.
    I am a scrapbooker but have started doing sewing of late. Making loads some sweet vintage style bunting for the opening of my shop at the moment so happy to swap that.
    Love vintage things and pink. You can see some of my bunting on my blog here is the link

  16. So sorry Micayla, you missed the close and partners were allocated. Please add me to your blog roll and I will run another swap soon.

  17. Swap partners now published

  18. Thanks for letting me know Claire. Will sign up next time.