Saturday 13 March 2010

Learning New Things

Lastnight whilst still waiting for my Dear Husband to get off the blasted telephone I continued my wanderings around blogsville only to discover the tutorial for making those lovely fabric flowers you see on the bag in my earlier post. It was 11pm but I couldn't resist a visit to the studio to play!

Heres what I created in just under an hour!

I think they would look amazing in vintage fabrics with big fabric covered buttons on, but there is plenty of time to play. The great thing about these is you can do all the machine work and then bring all the bits indoors to assemble when you get an odd 5 minutes during the day. I might even keep one or two in little kits in my handbag to sew up in my lunch break or whilst I'm whiling away the hours in our local soft play centre with Little Mack.

This one is destined to have a brooch back attached and be popped in the post to one of my friends.


  1. wow! this is gorgeous, must have a go at that myself!

  2. Claire - can you share the link for the tutorial please?! x