Monday 13 October 2014

Crochet Clinic At #BTHQ

Advanced or a beginner at crochet, everyone has something they need to brush up on or want to learn.

We are now offering ‘crochet clinic’ sessions at Beautiful Things where you can use the class to learn something new or have  refresher on something you need to brush up on! It doesn't matter if you feel your rusty with crochet, whatever level your at, we're here to help you feel confident with crochet. This class is great too if you've seen something in the past you've wanted to make, but haven't been able to make the class.

Whether you want to get confident with cotton or learn a completely new type of crochet stitch, just give us a call on 01277 811136 to book your place and discuss what you’d like to learn to make. You can view the dates for the clinic sessions here. A few ideas of what you can learn, can be seen below.

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