Friday 8 August 2014

#BTHQ on Tour - Billericay Arts Festival

I just couldn’t resist taking part in Billericay Arts Festival since it’s on my doorstop and is a great opportunity to meet people who live outside of where Beautiful Things is based. 

We demonstrated the art of decopatch and fabro-page (we made that up, it’s basically decopatch but instead of paper, we use fabric) and a lot of people got involved, even a lady who was out for a run stopped to join in.

Decopatch is just a snippet of the classes we teach and so enjoyable as well. Often pupils say to us it’s a very therapeutic and they are certainly correct!

I got to wear my ‘Home Sewing is Easy’ dress to the festival which took just a day to sew and everyone was taking the time to read what my dress was all about, which I thought was great!

It's the fabulous Emery pattern I made previously but this time with slightly shorter sleeves.

You can read more about Billericay Festival here

and a big thanks to Elspeth who decided to help out again! 

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