Wednesday 28 May 2014

Beautiful Things Fan Brooch

I made myself this cute little brooch today.  I wanted to wear something that represented everything Beautiful Things had to offer when I visit the Make Good Festival in London this coming Sunday.

When I had made it I thought how nice it would be if all my loyal regulars and volunteers had one too that they could wear at events etc.

Then I took it one step further.  How fab would it be if people who love Beautiful Things all over the country could make one too that they could wear when they visited national crafting exhibitions etc.

Fancy bumping into fellow BTHQ fans at Yarndale in Skipton or the Big Knitting and Stitch Show at Ally Pally.  You'd be able to spot them straight away by their branded handmade brooches.'s how it's done.

The little flower is a layered flower by the fabulous Lucy from Attic24.  You can find her step by step pattern HERE

(If you cant crochet, don't worry I have some solutions for you in a minute).

Hook up a little flower in chocolate brown, white (I used sparkly) and hot pink and then add two lime green leaves.  Stylecraft Fiesta is a fabulous pink shade and the brown is also stylecraft chocolate.  Sadly they don't do a lime green, but Meadow would be ok if you cant find a lime green.  I think my lime green is Aldi special DK!

Stitch your leaves and a few pink and green ribbon strands to the reverse, add a cute button and then stitch in your BTHQ tag (more on how you can obtain one of those later too).

Cut a circle of felt and either stitch or glue it to the reverse and add a little brooch back and TaDa!!

Take a snap of your brooch and either tag me on Instagram #bthqfanbrooch @Artyfartymack or upload to our facebook page and I will add you to the Pinterest fan album.

Then simply wear your brooch with pride wherever you go.

To top it off, if you spot another BTHQ fan at an event you go to, snap their photo and let me know and I will offer you 10% off your next class, either at BTHQ or redeemable on our online classes (coming soon).

So here is the nitty gritty for the non-crochetters and info re the tags:

Tags are available to collect free of charge from BTHQ, simply pop in to collect one.  If you need one posted to you then use the button below to order.  It will cost you £1 and this includes postage and paypal fees. 


Non Crochetters have 3 options:  

2) Ask one of our BTHQ regulars nicely if they will make one for you via our facebook group Beautiful Things Crafty Corner and be kind enough to offer them some pennies for the yarn and postage (recommended offer £3.50) 

3) Order a flower pack by using the button below.  You will receive a flower, 2 leaves and a tag and postage is included in the cost of £5


So what are you waiting for?  Get cracking and make those BTHQ fan Brooches, I cant wait to see the variations you all come up with and seeing how far around the country we can spread the BTHQ love.

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  1. Yay!! What a fab idea...only problem is which button to choose! 😉