Saturday 28 December 2013

So how was it for you? (2013)

Wow, what a rollercoaster year.  I got myself business premises, branched out on my own and managed to keep my family in one piece!

When I look back at my blog this time last year I wrote about my ambitions for 2013 (HERE) I think I did reasonably well.  Certainly for the first 9 months I managed it anyway, but as Autumn drew in and the nights got dark I found myself slipping into that ever familiar place of curling up out of the cold and hiding myself away from my responsibilities.  The house started getting messy, jobs were not done and the kids started acting up again due to lack of routine.

Thankfully although the nights are still dark and it's pretty cold out, once again the New Year syndrome has kicked in!

Not just in a personal way but also in a crafty way too.  Last week I picked up my abandoned Granny blanket which I started back in March as part of our Granny Square challenge and started putting the border on (more on that later next week). I've emptied my house of toot and had a massive clean and tidy up.

We are hoping to move house any day now and as soon as I get that all important completion date it will be operation pack up and go. A New Year and a New Start for family Mack.

I've promised myself I will blog this year as I totally let that slide during 2013 but I'm starting with a not too ambitious target of once a week.  Lets see how I go!

In the meantime............what are your thoughts on the past year and ambitions for 2014?


  1. Good luck with your move. Look forward to reading your future blogs and returning to DHQ for some more classes this year. x