Saturday 27 April 2013

Granny Square Challenge - Week 4

I have to admit I have been slacking a bit this week.  I've no had many free evenings and as this is usually when I do my crochet it has slowed me down a bit.  I did spend Tuesday evening enjoying the final of the Great British Sewing Bee and during it I made a lot of middles.

I decided to do 4 colours and reverse the colour ways so that I would be making 4 sets of 6 squares at a time.  It's quie a good way of doing your squares if you want to reverse you colourways.

I made a good start on finishing them off at Crochet Club on Wednesday at Beautiful Things HQ but this is where they remain!  I'll try harder next week.

So how have our other challengers got on this week?

Firstly our bloggers (make sure you pop a comment on when you visit them)

I have pictures from Helen

And Wendy

And Nici

There's a couple more coming in later this week, it seems everyone has been a little pre-occupied!


  1. Been very busy this week managed to only get 8 squares completed also computer problems... hope next week will be better

  2. That's the trouble with life, it sometimes gets in the way of crafting. I have a long weekend plus a weeks holiday in May, so that will slow me down. Plus the garden is crying out for attention. I'm sure that you will catch up next week.

  3. I think I might start doing a selection of middles in the future, as a) I don't like making the middle, so if I make a lot it gets that bit out of the way, and I will not get stuck what colour arrangement to do. Only trouble with the way you are now working, I will get loads of your squares in one go to do the ends.