Friday 12 April 2013

Granny Square Challenge - Week 2

I've had a good week so far managing to complete 5 full sets in the reverse colour ways to last weeks stash (boxed ones) and then I have another set awaiting the ends to be darned and I've made a start on another set too.  

We had a Granny Square class at Beautiful Things HQ last night so I spent the evening finishing off the blue set and made a start on the purple.

Everyone else is doing fabulously too.  There are now 12 of us challenging ourselves to make a Granny blanket and so I've rounded up some of their progress.

Firstly here are some of the other challengers blog posts about their week:

Make sure you visit their blogs an leave them a comment or two to spur them on and of course make sure you comment on this post too ;-)

I've also got some photos to show you from our challengers who dont blog

Susans work in progress

Julies mini squares all sewn up

Donnas week 3 work in progress

Nici only learnt how to make a Granny square at Thursday nights class and look what she has achieved already!!

It's not too late to join us, we are doing a 6 week kickstarter challenge and I'm sure lots of us will be carrying on long after the 1st 6 weeks is up, I know I will.  Just comment below if you'd like to join in or pop over to our facebook page and post a picture or comment of your progress.

You are welcome to use my Easy Peasy Granny pattern to get you started.

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  1. Very excited to come on board the Granncy Square Challenge, and read with interest all the blogs by this weeks participants and left comments. Please comment on my blog if you have a spare moment.

    I'm officially addicted, I can't stop crocheting, for me, crochet really is a very addictive craft.

    Looking forward to reading next week's blog.