Thursday 7 March 2013

Craft Therapy

I have had some lovely comments this week from my pupils and all of them follow a theme.  
'Crafts are Therapy'

Just look at this photo taken yesterday afternoon at our Crafternoon

One of these ladies is recovering from an injury, another is a week overdue with her 1st baby (you can probably guess who)! and another is studying incredibly hard and under a lot of pressure at the moment.  All of them are smiling and laughing in this shot and every one of them left the studio full of the joys of spring after a spot of group therapy!

On a more serious note, there is actually plenty of research to show that crafts can form a huge part in any persons recovery plan from short or long term illness of both a physical and mental nature.  Not only that but they can also go some way towards helping reduce addictions such as smoking.  One of my pupils regular visits me to spend a couple of hours doing Decopatch.  She finds the repetitive process very therapeutic and during the time she is with me does not think once about popping out for a crafty ciggie!

Here are some comments I received this week on my Facebook page:

Just wanted to thank you for teaching me to crochet, and showing me what a relaxing hobby it is. We had a call from a hospital on Monday to say that our Son had been admitted as he had collapsed at University. You can imagine that I was very anxious on the drive there, but the time flew, thanks to the scarf that I am currently crocheting! - I would point out, I wasn't driving! Now I crochet whenever I feel tense!!
I fully understand this. I take my crochet to the hospital where my daughter currently is. I also have been excessively crocheting when the news gets bad. I've decided a crochet pattern should be included in every first aid box and given free with every nervous breakdown.
Crochet is very therapeutic, I totally agree. And I find it GREAT with my illness (ME/CFS/FM) as it is not too draining mentally and gives a great distraction from symptoms. I love it! 

Obviously they all relate to crochet, but pretty much all crafts are relaxing and enjoyable and I'm sure you can find something to suit you.

If you fancy dabbling in something new and socialising with a small group of fellow crafty people (max 6) in a relaxing environment, then why not come to open of our taster sessions.  We run 'Crafty Cuppas' (morning), 'Crafternoons' (afternoons) and 'Crafterwork' (evening) sessions every month.  Visit the website to see what's on offer at there are also plenty of more structured classes available all week long.

I'd be interested to know how you use craft as a therapy as I am planning a news article in the near future.  Do feel free to leave your comments on this post.

Happy Crafting


  1. I enjoy having either some knitting, crochet or maybe even embroidery on the go. When I feel a bit down because of dreary weather, or weary from housework, I hear the craft calling me and the kettle calling to make a cuppa, off I go to the conservatory, tea and cake in hand. Whilst doing whatever craft I have on the go at the time, I am able to switch off from the world around me and enjoy some ME TIME. I am then refreshed to then get stuck in to whatever is next to be done on my TO DO LIST.

  2. A very good friend of mine gave me a lovely gift after a difficult time in my life and it pretty much sums up what you have said here.

    It was a lovely, little box (filled with buttons, my obsession!) which has the following motto/saying on it "Sewing mends the soul"

    I find pretty much any craft, not just sewing, makes me feel relaxed, happy, challenging while still being able to achieve,light hearted and basically happy.

    I love crafty people who, generally, seem to be caring, thoughtful, generous and who are able to their take time (such a precious thing these days) and share it with you to teach you something new or just to enjoy crafting along side you.

    Crafting makes me happy!