Friday 4 May 2012


I am one of those bloggers who never seems to get many comments on my posts.  I know people are visiting and I know they are sharing their love via Twitter and Facebook, but they don't seem to want to comment.

The exception to this is my Handmade Monday posts where I link up to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts and share my posts.  The other Handmade Monday participants then come and visit so this is a great way of sharing the comment love.

Wendy also runs Handmade Harbour and has posted today about increasing comments.  I've followed one of her tips and turned off that annoying CAPTCHA so you don't have to strain your eyes to copy weird words any more.  Hopefully that might make a difference!

So here's the challenge.  Pick any one of my old blog posts from before Christmas and leave a comment.  I'd be interested to know what posts interest you the most.  You can use the archive link on the right to find posts prior to 2011 in one click.

Happy Commenting


  1. Love your card Claire,it's so wholesome and unpretentious. I received a shopping bag which reminded me of your card, for a pashamina I bought. It was a plain brown shopping bag with a piece of torn newspaper stuck on randomly and then a small picture of a blue unicorn stuck on top of the newspaper. I thought it was really quirky & cute.
    For mothers day I bought my mom a Tracfone SVC phone for seniors, with the bigger keys and letters on the screen ($15, $7/mnth for service). I just need to make it a more personal present, so I'm just finishing off the crocheted orange cotton cell phone pouch and it's going to have pink crocheted roses on it. I think mom's going to love the feminine pretty pouch more than the phone.

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