Monday 19 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my Mummy followers.  I've waited till today to blog as I wanted to show you what I made for my Mummy.

She avidly follows my blog so I couldn't really post on the day!

Although I packed away the card making stuff a year or so ago, I still love to dabble and my Mum would not appreciate a shop bought card, so I made this one for her to co-ordinate with her living room colours.  She is the queen of craft punches so I tried to use as may as I could in this design.

Next up was a simple fleece lined popper pouch that she can store her satnav in when it's not being used.  She's been asking me to make this for over a year now so I guess it's about time I did!

Whilst I'm here I thought I'd share a couple more of the lovely shots that the ever so talented Marie Donn took of me and Little Miss Mack the other week.  

A couple of Mothers Day themed ones.  Little Miss Mack is dressed in a Beautiful Things skirt and is sat on Beautiful Things cushions.


 Marie has some fantastic deals on for shoots right now and is really fantastic at making the most of the outdoors.  Do pop over to her website to find out more.


  1. My card was lovely, very simple but classy. I wish Claire still do more with her card making, as it used to make me want to have a go. I did in fact buy lots of stash but lost my motivation when Claire changed direction. I will try to get going again. My Sat Nav is now very happy in its pouch when not in use. Which is not often, so it can now just hibernate away in its red pouch in its red car. Thankyou Claire, both lovely mothers day gifts.

  2. Gorgeous photos such a sweetie and love the blankie and cushion as well.

    Christine if you love cardmaking try looking up a stampin up demo - most of them run classees of some sort or other - I am not close to you so won't be me but I bet there is one not too far away :-)