Saturday 3 December 2011

Garage sales galore

If you follow my blog you'll know how much a like a good mooch round the bootsale. Well in Australia there's no getting up at 6am and trudging round a muddy field, they have totally mastered the art of the garage sale.

My Mother in Law and her friend Bev visit about 20 of these sales every week, checking out the newspaper during the week, looking at the map and working out a route that takes in as many as possible. Most of the sales are well signposted with big cardboard signs on the lamp posts and balloons outside peoples houses.

We followed Bevs carefully planned out route, but kept finding more along the way.

I'd made sure I took an empty case with me and a full luggage allowance as I knew this would be a weekly trip whilst I'm here along with a fair bit of fabric shopping and creating.

So look at my crafty haul............ Some great fabric and card making supplies and some beautiful diamante press studs.

And for myself, a great little book some Buzz Light year jimjams for Little Mack, flip flops that match my toe nails and a lovely chiffon scarf.

Best of all I spent $14 Aus Dollars in total which is about £9.

Lets see what I manage to find next week.


  1. Great craft stash. Wish there were more garage sales round here, or even better car boot sales. The best one has now gone, leaving us with with 2 pretty halfhearted ones.

  2. I love a garage sale. Used to go to them when I was a nanny in Beverly Hills. They were so much fun. Clever girl bring an empty suitcase a allowing for extra baggage weight xx