Saturday 19 November 2011

Blogging - Getting sorted

Sometimes you need another brain to bounce ideas off. Both Louise from Running Rabbit Crafts and I are both bloggers who craft and are in the process of building our businesses.

Louise has some great applications on her blog that I coveted and I had quote a few that Louise wanted, so we got together.

Somehow with a baby grizzling with teething pains and a toddler running around and causing general mayhem, we managed to pick each others brains and update our blogs.

You'll notice I now have a header at the top with a few pages (some of them are empty right now but watch this space). I also have started tagging my posts. Take a peek to the right and you'll see a nice list. You can now select a subject you want to read about and it will bring all of the posts up that I have tagged as being about it.

I'm sure there will be more to show you soon, but thanks to Louise for her tips. Sometimes two heads are indeed better than one.

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  1. I too hope in the future to become a bit of a blogger, and look forward to receiving some tips from Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness