Monday 22 August 2011

Handmade Monday

This week has been super super busy. We even managed to get a mini break in as well! Family Mack went away on Saturday to Osea Leisure Park in Maldon and spent the night in a teepee. It was great fun and we only had an hour and a half of rain during our stay.

Being the crafty Mummy that I am I took an activity with us for the rain time and we sat and made Indian headdresses for the whole family. There are pictures of Mr Mack and I modelling ours but as they were taken Sunday morning before we had had a chance to shower or put make up on (in my case) we look far too rough to share them with you! Here is Little Mack Making the hats and modelling his finished masterpiece.

Little Miss Mack wore hers whilst we had a snuggle on the futon looking out at the rain

Terrible photos of me again here, but I have been working on a range of scarves for a local boutique in town. I have since learnt that these scarves are called continuing scarves. Basically a large tube of fabric that can be wrapped round, once, twice or even 3 times to make a cosy scarf.

I am also working on some recycled T-shirt jewellery for the same shop. Here is the sample I made for them.

Customer orders this week include a taggy for Max,

Buggy grippers for Saz,

A lace ruffle brooch kit for Eva. (To make up the instructions for the kit I needed to do some step by step pictures, so I made another band for Little Miss Mack. It's a bit big now but she will soon grown into it as she is expanding at a rate of knots!)

A pencil case for Amy from vintage materials,

Some more hair accessories and a PE bag for Roma,

And some rose scented hanging hearts for Claire.

On Friday I held an open house and set up shop in the living room.

I ran a make and take session and taught my visitors how to make lace ruffle brooches. Here is Nici modelling the one she made.Last but not least I mentioned making these last week but couldn't show you till I had taken them into the shop. But a new range of bags are now being stocked in The French Quarter in Brentwood. The range is called the Isabella Vintage Range and all of the bags will be one of pieces made from vintage materials. I am working on a few more this week so hopefully I will be able to show them off. These two are now in the store so who knows I might be telling you they have sold next Monday. Fingers crossed!


  1. Just love that photo of your little boy making hats - adorable! Lovely makes again, as usual! Those bags look like they'll be popular! x

  2. I think I need to have a lie down after reading everything you have been up to. I've no idea where you find the energy not with 2 little ones too.
    Lovely makes as always glad to hear you had a good time away.

  3. Wow you've been busy!
    How are you managing with q tiny baby? Its about all i can do to get dressed !

  4. Oh my goodness, you HAVE been busy! First, I grew up in the southwestern US and have NEVER slept in a teepee! Aren't you awesome!
    I do love the T-shirt necklace, I will have to learn to do that. So many new things to try this fall, I'm going to be very very busy (especially with a new Grandbaby on the way! yay!)
    You look beautiful btw. :) Love everything you're doing. And with a baby. Don't know how you manage. :)

  5. Great bags and necklace, I'm sure they will do really well. The teepee looks great fun too.

    Jan x