Monday 18 July 2011

Handmade Monday

WOW I know I always say it, but "Where has this week gone"? Can you believe that the little princess pictured above is now 3 weeks old? Izzy had some professional pics taken on Saturday and I made sure to include one of her modelling my hairbands. The band is actually just draped across her forehead as it is an adult one, but who would know?

I have popped in and out of the studio this week as I have had my Mother in Law staying with me, but today saw my 'official' return to work and I sent her off to Lakeside shopping whilst Izzy and I went to work. There is just enough room for her on the floor in my studio, but I do have to climb over her to get out!

One of my orders was for a local party company called Pretty Pollies. They are looking to supply goodie bags for their party girls but want to make them handmade. Obviously you and I know that is no easy feat as individually crafted items are very expensive and mark ups will be minimal, but I have made them a sample to trial on an individual order basis, so we will see how it goes.

Another teacher card, this time spelt correctly!

More buggy grippers

Work in progress for the week includes applique Octonauts characters destined for T-shirts.

and a doorstop chicken waiting to be stuffed and filled with weight.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Wow, that baby hasn't slowed you down has she?

    That photo of her with the headband is absolutely adorable! x

  2. aahh look at that little cutie, I bet the hum of the sewing machine keeps her all calm after her hearing it in your belly for so long :-) Fab creations.

  3. I love all your creations (especially the baby), I don't know where you find the time but you definately inspire me to get crafting. x

  4. What a squidge! I'm gobsmacked by your stamina, 3 weeks after giving birth. I think I was still trying to work out which way was up. Love the goodie bags, good luck with those.

  5. What a beautiful photo of your baby and what a busy lady you are xxx

  6. Beautiful photo of a beautiful baby, time passes so quickly it's good to have as many photo's as possible.
    I've left you a blog award on my blog if you want to check it out.

    Jan x

  7. You have been so busy this week!
    Love te picture of izzy too x

  8. goodness! you do not stop!

  9. Beautiful photo and beautiful baby!

    Can't believe how much you have done - must get back into the studio as you are putting me to shame!!

    Ali x

  10. Goodness a baby and all that crafting! Are you superwoman?!! Hee hee! Izzy is gorgeous as are your hand made items!

  11. Where on earth do you find all the energy? She is simply gorgeous and sets off the head band a treat... now please go and get a cup of tea and put your feet up!

  12. Lol, your deflated chicken looks so funny! It'll look great as a doorstop :)