Saturday 11 June 2011


I wonder how many people realise how much preparation goes into taking a table at a craft fair or summer fete?

Today I attended my local churches summer fete. It isn't a big event by any means but I like to make sure I have enough stock to fill my table as you never know how many people might come along.

As you know I am expecting baby number 2 in 6 weeks so I have been supposedly 'taking it easy'. Having stopped taking custom orders last week I have been concentrating on preparing for today's event and the Leigh on Sea Vintage & Handmade Fair which I am attending on the 25th June.

In comparison to Leigh today's event was small fry, but you can see how busy I have been by taking a look at this photo album on my facebook page. All the items I have made this week alone for both events.

Hairbands, Bobbles, Pouches, Brooches & Dribble bibs.

I still have a few more items I want to make for Leigh over the next 2 weeks but it's been a busy week. My Studio Support Technician (a.k.a. Mum) came to work yesterday and spent her day carding up all the clips I had been making, sadly the weather was not great so she had to move her table from the garden into the kitchen to work!

Last night was spent placing everything in baskets to make sure I had enough display and creating new price labels.

20 minutes loading the car this morning, driving to the venue, an hour setting up the stall, 4 hours sitting at the event, half and hour packing down and then reloading the car and tomorrow (after I have had a lie in) I will get Mr Mack to unload it all and then put it away in the cupboard.

Next time you go to a local event, spend time looking at all the stalls. The people behind them have probably spent far more time than you realise creating what you are strolling past. You don't have to buy something if you don't want to, sometimes it's just as nice to be complimented on how pretty your stall looks or how talented you are to have made the things you sell.

Crafters are easily pleased, after all most of us do it out of love!


  1. Your stall looks lovely with the baskets and bunting! I tend to overdo the amount on my table, but I think it's better to have a large range to suit all tastes!! Hope you did well & good luck on 25th (I have 2 fetes that weekend!) - hope you can put your feet up at the stall & baby stays put!
    ~Jane x

  2. I agree wholeheartedly - I was at the Havering Handmade fair yesterday, and so many people came in the hall, walked round and didn't even LOOK at the stalls - it is so disheartening when you go to so much trouble!
    Sam x