Monday 6 June 2011

Handmade Monday

How is it Monday again? I had every intention of doing a blog this week about the value of handmade and quality, but somehow the time has slipped away from me and it's time for Handmade Monday again.

With the bank holiday on Monday I only had 2 sewing days this week so to be honest I have not achieved much (in my terms). One thing I have done though is made it to 33 weeks pregnant!!

Little Mack graced us with his presence at 32 weeks + 6 days so to be 33 weeks is somewhat of a milestone for me. A whole new realm of pregnancy which if I am honest is a little bit daunting. I am now joining 'the waiting game' that so many other pregnant Mums go through of 'when will it happen'. Watch this space....................

So what have I been making? First up was the continuation of the wedding order I started last week. The hearts I had made for the bridesmaids where not quite right so we started again with this lovely floral fabric.

Next up where the favours. The wedding is a small intimate affair with only 20 guests so the bride & groom are making a wedding album for everyone called 'Sugared Almonds' (how good is that)? I made these fabric CD case sleeves with each of the guests initials appliqued onto the front so that they can slip their cardboard CD cases inside.

No vintage inspired wedding is complete without bunting! I loved the fact that it was a really sunny day when I photographed this last week, it was almost a shame to take it down from the garden! There are loads more pictures on my facebook page at

Last but not least, for the 3 little bridesmaids a different wedding favour.
A colour co-ordinated crayon roll to keep them entertained during the speeches.

Moving on to a couple of custom order makes from facebook customers, some logo embellished bunting for Kellys Barefoot Beauty.

A credit card holder

And a set of 8 napkins and wine glass covers for another happy customer.

This week sees 2 1/2 sewing days, although it is currently 10.30 on my 1st day and I am still typing this so quite how productive the day will be we will see.

What have you been getting up to this week? Pop over to Handmade Monday at Wendys to see what other crafty people have been doing.


  1. I love the wedding items, so pretty and lovely choice of fabric!

  2. Well done for getting to 33 weeks! Beautifully co-ordinated wedding bits and I love the CD cases what a lovely idea.

  3. Claire - lovely to see a photie of you - I still follow you and love all your hand makes....GOod Luck with the next 7 or so weeks - I never made it that far either I think Cait arrived at 31 wks 5 days so I haven't a clue about the waiting game either!

  4. All lovely things, and seemigly very summery too.

    Your post takes me back! I remember having a small sewing business when I was pregnant with my third baby. I sewed right up until the day before she was born (mainly because a customer ordered the wrong size & it needed replacing!).

    All my (4) babies were late so I didn't get the apprehension you're getting now. I hope you have much longer to wait, but that's meant in the best possible way! :-)

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  5. Lovely stuff - I really like the bridesmaids gifts.

  6. Love the photograph of you as well as all your coordinated wedding items, great colours.
    The CD cases are a great idea.

    Jan x

  7. Love the wallet, love the crayon pouch, love the napkins, love the bunting... guess I just love it ;)

    Such beautiful photos too!

  8. Well done on your makes this week, love the rose print fabric

  9. In only two sewing days? Good grief, whatever would you achieve in a week? I love the cd cover idea, what a great keepsake.

  10. Wow, so much you got done, and everything is so beautiful! I love all the wedding things, I never had daughters, so I never planned any weddings (I eloped).
    And even tho my youngest *baby* is now over thirty I still remember what those last 6 or so weeks felt like, in detail. They seemed to never pass, but believe me, one day you will look back and think --oh, it wasn't so bad! :) It's fun following along!

  11. Love all the wedding items but the crayon pouch is fab. What a great idea.


  12. wow - you've been busy! I love the napkins and glass covers are gorgeous. I attempted to make napkins this week - needless to say I am in awe of your skill! Congrats on 33 weeks! Anna x

  13. oh, the hearts and the bunting! so cute! love them! love the fabric too!

  14. Your crafts are forgeous as always. The crayon pouch is a great idea.
    I love the fabric you have used for your bunting.

  15. Love the idea of the crayons pouches, lots of fiddling to be had during the boring bits!

  16. Beautiful work! What a busy bee you've been.