Monday 23 May 2011

Handmade Monday

Well another week has rolled by and it would appear it's Monday again. Not sure quite where
Link the week has gone but I know I've been very busy. As well as my crafty goings on I've managed to get to 31 weeks pregnant and attend a lovely wedding weekend in sunny Surrey.

According to my consultant who I saw on Friday (Oh yes another event)! Little Miss Mack is trying to make an appearance and is very, very low so I am on strict rest from now on. That just means I need to sit down a lot so thankfully I have a comfy chair in my studio right next to my sewing machine!

This was me at the wedding, I had made myself a nice brooch to wear, but when I got ready I realised it was actually a bit much what with the funky faschinator/hat and big necklace so it stayed in our room. I am umming and arring whether to put it up for sale or keep it. What do you think?

I also made this one to wear for the bridal breakfast on Sunday. You can see me wearing it above when hubby took my 31 week bump photo. This one is a definate keeper but I can see a few more coming on for sale as it's really cute.

Next on the agenda for the week was lots of 'little things' for crafft fairs. Quick to make, low price items that can be made in batches that bring in the pennies at events. I went for these fab little fabric covered button clips (Available on my facebook page for £3.00 a pair)

I've made them in a number of different fabrics and you can see all the pictures in this gallery. I sold 4 pairs within minutes of posting the pictures so I think they will be popular!

I also cracked open my vintage fabric box and made 12 of these lovely lavender bags all in different fabrics. Again you can see them all here. (They are the last 12 in the album).

Last but not least I made some cards. Something I havn't done in ages but I wanted to find a way to use up my scraps. I was really pleased with the outcome and again I sold quite a few as soon as they were posted up on the facebook page here.

I celebrated their creation with a strawberry whoopie pie from Co-op OMG they are amazing, go buy some right's an order!

Believe it or not I'm only on Thursday so far! Lunchtime brought the rather early arrival of my babysitters baby. Nellie Harvey was born a tiny 1lb 10oz at only 27 weeks gestation and is thankfully fine and being cared for in the NICU. To celebrate her arrival I made this little scrappy quilt for her incubator.

I love to make handmade gifts so I spent Friday creating this lucky charm for the bride. I took lots of lovely vintage buttons, lace and trim and paired them up with some lovely linen. I even tried my hand at embroidery which is something I dont usually do. I was really pleased with the finished item, if not a little on the large side! I am undecided as to whether to offer these for sale in the future though, I think the time and materials it takes to make might make it just a little too expensive to produce on a commercial basis.

So thats been my crafty week, thanks for sharing it with me. Tune in next week for more Handmade Monday.


  1. Wow, what an amazingly busy week! I love the cards, and love the packaging for your clips too. Makes all the difference. The patchwork heart is lovely (maybe a simpler version for sale?). Love the quilt too and hope the new baby does well - I can't imagine how tiny she is or how worrying it must be for the new parents.

    Thank you for taking part in Hnadmade Monday! x

  2. I thought you were supposed to be resting, how much did you pack into that week. I love the buttons, so simple yet, really effective!

    Does blogging count as rest?

  3. So much for putting your feet up.

    I adore the cards. The scrabble lettering is 'sew' cute. Sorry couldn't help myself then...

  4. Great post, I've joined your facebook too.
    The heart is lovely.

    Now go and put your feet up and rest.

    Jan x

  5. Lovely to have photos of when you are pregnant, i dont have any and i wish i did.
    You have been really busy by the look of things, take care of yourself.
    Your friends baby is so tiny,and the quilt you have made is gorgeous, well done you

  6. Wow I think I need a lie down just reading about your busy week. I thought you said you should be resting!
    I love your work the quilt for your friends baby is gorgeous.
    My late sister-in-law had her first child at 28 weeks, he was just under 2lb too. He's 22 years old now though so it was a while ago.
    I think both of your brooches and the heart will sell easily.

  7. You were so busy! When I was pregnant I think I didn't stay nearly that productive! Awesome stuff you're making, I love the brooches especially. :) And on top of that you're making a whole little person.

  8. Can't believe how much you've got done this week! Great work I'm feeling inspired to get busy ... after a trip to co-op that is ;)

  9. thanks all, I only saw the consultant Friday and then we had the wedding so resting commenced today. Although I have to admit to resting by my sewing machine and making a start on some cushions! I did have a little afternoon nap though and I am vegging on the couch tonight.

  10. How did you fit all your ventures in last week? and make as well you have put me to shame. Now on to some stitching......

  11. I'm exhausted just reading it all! A really good variety of crafts too.

  12. You've made so many lovely things!!! It is lovely to be able give hand made gifts. Now don't for get to take it easy!!

  13. Wow what a busy week! So many lovely things, can't choose my favourite. Hope you are getting plenty of rest!