Monday 16 May 2011

Handmade Monday

Morning all, in an effort to get a bit more organised with my blogging I am going to attempt a regular feature. Handmade Monday.

This is a feature started by Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts where fellow crafty types post a weekly blog about anything they fancy on a 'Monday'. Here is Wendys post for today.

This week I have decided to tell you about my ever so busy week.

Last Monday saw the 4th birthday of Little Mack and the arrival of the in-laws from Australia. We spent the day assembling a giant 12ft trampoline and a new gas BBQ and then enjoyed them into the early evening.

Tuesday saw Little Mack being whisked off to the zoo by his Grandparents so my Studio Support Technician (Mum) and I spent the entire day clearing out my studio. I wish I had taken some before photos as it was no mean feat. 7 years of crafting crammed into one little space meant a huge sort out of old materials and then a complete re-organisation.

I didn't in fact finish the re-organisation until midday on Wednesday, but I am pleased to say that by the power of my trusty Facebook fan page I have managed to sell almost all of my unwanted materials and raised nearly £150 towards my new overlocker. (There are still a few bits left if your interested, pop over and take a look).

I managed to get a bit of sewing done on Wednesday afternoon and finished a taggy order off as well as 4 lovely new sleepy pillows. These are destined for Folksy shortly.

Thursday saw a day off and a spot of shopping with Mother in Law and Friday saw preparation for the Havering Handmade fair. (I forgot to take any pics).

Saturday was the event itself which went very well. During which I managed to sew up some hair accessories for custom orders and then I shot off home for Little Macks birthday party.

Yesterday was spent resting as I was well and truly pooped!

So today is Monday, this morning the housework awaits me but this afternoon I feel a spot of sewing coming on. Check back next week to see what I achieved


  1. Very impressed with your tidy workroom and love the crochet flower embellishments on your cushions.

  2. Oh, how many times have I forgotten to take the before photos?! It looks very organised now though and that's what matters!

    Looks like you've been busy this week - everything looks fab

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  3. What a fabulous workroom. Most envious!

    Love your makes, the long pillows are stunning.

    Btw, thank you so much for my giveaway winnings; they arrived safely.

  4. The cushions are lovely....Hope you get some sewing done today :D

  5. Now that looks like one organised craft room! How long will it last???

    Nice to see you join us on Wendy's Handmade Monday

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  6. Wow what a busy bee. love the hair accessories.
    Hugs Sue x

  7. Nice needlework, cushions are lovely. Craft room isn't bad for 7 yrs crafting ...

  8. Wow, a tidy work spot! I'm impressed. And I love the pillows. Good job!

  9. Love your long pillows and how different they all look just by altering the materials. I'm always forgetting to do before and during photos.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Impressed with the workspace, how do you do it?
    Love the new creations

  11. How do you fit all that into one week?

  12. My you have been busy I feel tired just reading about everything you did.
    I loved your cushions and hair accessories. I'm in the process of changing my living room into a craft room, it's taken me 3 days so far just to get all my stuff together from all over the rest of the house. Well done for getting everything organised so quickly.

  13. I bet it feels wonderful to walk into that nice tidy room now. Hope you can make it last longer than I could! Anna x

  14. Wow thanks for all your comments, yes it does feel fab to work in a tidy environment but I admit there are already a few things piling up that need to be put away and I am only a week in!

    The cushions are one of my favourite products to make as every one is unique. I have already sold 2 and am quite pleased.

    Hope to see you around on my blog more in the future and thanks for the support.

  15. Your craft room looks brill and well done you to raise so much on your destashing.
    Your cushions are absolutely gorgeous. Great post to read.