Sunday 17 April 2011

Saturday Morning Bootsale Bargains

Once a month a little gem comes to my home town of Brentwood in the form of the Marillac nursing homes bootsale. Yesterday was the first of the year and as usual all of the locals came out to sell off their unwanted treasures.

No traders are allowed and it is what I like to call a really 'genuine' sale. Approx 40 sellers are squeezed into the front garden of the nursing home and allowed to unpack their wares before the general public descend. There are a lot of dealers who have now discovered this sale and it is very busy so unless you are in the queue at 7am to get in you wont get many vintage bargains but general goodies are plentifull.

We got there just in time though and I was lucky enough to stock up on some fab vintage fabrics as well as some other goodies all for a total of £5.50. Here they are:

  • Dora the explorer backpack with 4 card games inside BRAND NEW - £1.00 (RRP £9.95)
  • Spotty jug £1.00 - Clearance from a florist shop was priced at £20!!!
  • Lovely big bundle of floral upholstery fabric all ironed and tied in ribbon - £1.50
  • 2 x fab bedding sets brand new and vintage £1.00 each
Lots of unpicking, washing and pressing for my newly recruited 'Studio Support Technician' (a.k.a Mum)!


  1. those flowers on the orangy coloured bedsheet look very familiar. I must have had a similar one in the past! I wish I was a morning person but I like my bed too much & miss out on bargain bootsales :(

  2. Fabulous fabric, Claire, and loving the bedding sets. I've just had a good rummage through your most excellent blog. Funnily, enough, yesterday we nearly went to Dunton Boot Sale but decided to go closer to home to a big one in Upshire which also has the advantage of starting late (which is always good!).

  3. That pink and oversized yellow flower set is from 1976, when I was a wee girl, I think M&S. My mother had my bedroom done out in similar wallpaper to go with the bedding. Dare I say....I think mum still has it in her Tallboy? - Cathy Chesham