Tuesday 24 August 2010

Some time for Me

It's not very often I get any time for me, but just before I headed off to sunnier climates last week I enjoyed an afternoon in the studio, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa and their need to spend time with Little Mack before he went away!

For a while now I had been sitting on my copy of SEW by Cath Kidston which I purchased on my little jolly to London a few months back for a 'Crafty Field-trip'. Along with a lovely book that has a obsession with biased binding (Aaaaahhhh GGrrrrrr) comes some pre cut fabric and the instructions to make the yummy little bag on the cover.

I've been avoiding it for some time, trying to get my skill levels up before attempting it as I was worried I'd make a bodge of it. Fear not though the instructions are actually quite simple and on reflection the bag is pretty basic.

Take for instance the fact that it has no lining and has all it's raw edges on show. I wasn't having that so I popped in a spot of hot pink lining.

The only other change I made was to the fastener. The tiny piece of super stiff fabric that Cath gives you to make the loop is next to impossible to turn inside out so I used a spot of red binding to make my loop.

Maybe one day if I sell enough Beautiful things I can afford a real Cath bag............


  1. I bought this book in February, mine is still sitting there....I will get round to it at some point!! Good job on yours! :)

  2. Me too! Still haven't made the bag as scared of mucking it up. LOL. Yours looks beautiful though and I love the additional red inner. I'm a huge Cath fan and have to confess I own two of her bags. Love them!