Thursday 18 March 2010

Trial and error

I am surprised I didn't murder someone yesterday, what looked easy turned out to be really quite fiddly and as I wasn't prepared for the fiddlyness I ended up getting cross with myself and making stupid mistakes.

I decided to have a go at making a sweet little purse to go with Mums bag I had made her for Mothers Day. I made the decorative front and it looked nice, then came the zip sewing part.

Without a zipper foot for my machine I suspected it may be fiddly but that was an understatement. The first lovely pale lemon yellow zip I used was too long so I chopped it in half. I sewed it in perfectly and was very proud of myself, before the zip pull fell off the end and I was doomed. *Rotary cutter death to that zip, purse decreases in size*.

The second pale taupe zip I used was also too big, so I decided to be extra careful. Cocky that I had done so well inserting my zip I managed to sew this one in upside down! *Rotary cutter death to that zip, purse decreases in size some more*.

Finally the only zip I had left was this rather ugly navy blue one, but determined to finish and give said purse to Mum whilst out shopping later in the day I struggled on. Then what did I forget to do? Push out the corners before stistching up the lining Grrr.

Still it's usuable if not with strange top corners! Heres to a more succesfull second try, I picked up 10 lovely little zips for 50p in a charity shop today!


  1. The purse still looks lovely!!

  2. Get a zipper foot - you will be amazed at how easy it makes it! Also you don't get so much zip showing as you can get really close in - also don't cut the zip until you have stitched it in place and it's ready to be turned out - it will be stronger and neater. I've used a 15" zip for a 6" purse before now!

    The button and ribbon details are very cute.
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