Tuesday 28 February 2012

Challenge 1 - A room a day

Your back, good to see you and welcome to day 1 of Operation Pre Spring Clean and our first challenge.

This one is going to take some doing, but believe me it is soooooo worth it.  To be sure I would manage to join in with you all I actually started this challenge last Friday as a test and am now almost finished.

It's quite simple really.  Clean & tidy one room in your house a day, but do it 'better than your regular housework'.

As an example, when I cleaned my bathroom, I got up on a stool and got all the cobwebs out of the corners, hoovered my light fitting, dusted my blinds, cleared out and cleaned the under sink cupboard and threw away all the half empty bottles of shampoo which we never use.

The idea of this is that by the time you have finished (if you keep it tidy for a week), you should have a nice clean and tidy house to start week 2 which will be when the de-cluttering and re-organisation commences.

So pick a room for today and get cleaning.


  1. Unfortunately I could not wait till today to see the order things to be done, and have just started to clear out a cupboard but am dividing up the contents to be sorted in small bits. You will know what I mean and will perhaps leave this task now till next week and complete it then, when your de-cluttering etc., commences next week. I will now get on with the cleaning.

    Don't forget folks, it is a great incentive to take photo's of before and after to look back on, especially if like me, you either have or plan to have a Blog.

    I have often picked up excellent incentive ideas from Claire and find I too get very motivated by seeing what others can achieve. So, once my coffee has been drunk, I am off to begin the clean up in main bedroom. Good luck to all of you, hope you enjoy the end result.

  2. Please could you email me a list :) good luck with yr clean.. and i hope the new house has a lovely need pretty shed or room for your crafts xx tinahav@hotmail.com