Monday 27 February 2012

Pre Spring Clean Week

As yesterdays Silent Sunday showed, spring is finally on it's way.  Warmer days and sunshine and a few spring bulbs forcing their way through the ground.

We have every intention of moving house in the next few months and so need to do more than just a regular spring clean.  We are talking Operation House Doctor!  A thorough spring clean, de-clutter and storage marathon to ensure we maximise the potential of our dinky little two bed flat and sell it as a lovely roomy house.

That is a full scale mission with two adults with hobbies, a crafty home based business, a baby with it's relevant paraphernalia and a near 5 year old with an extensive train and track collection.

So I need to get cracking and this week is officially the start.

I am planning a 'pre spring clean' a 'better than regular housework' effort at getting started.

Over the course of the week ahead I will be blogging daily and sharing top tips and ideas to get you in the spring cleaning mood.  I'll be setting a daily challenge and encouraging you to blog along with me.

So check back tomorrow at 11am for our first mission.

1 comment:

  1. I've been on a mad clutter clear and cleaning project myself the last month, Claire, so will be very interested to read your tips.
    Henny xxx