Tuesday 8 May 2012

TOWIE Tuesday

So for those of you who don't watch it TOWIE stands for The Only Way Is Essex.  It's a TV series filmed in my home town of Brentwood and also in Loughton.

The show is a fly on the wall type entertainment series following real Essex People on their day to day lives, but they are shall we say 'guided' to say certain things.

Some people hate it but the majority love it and more and more small businesses are doing the TOWIE thing and creating products based on the show or for the shows cast in the hope that they will give the companies a bit of a shout out.

So it was my turn!

I set off to Loughton with Little Miss Mack in her finest attire and my good friend Lauren who knows the Loughton area a bit better than me.

We started off visiting Bella Sorella which is the vintage fashion boutique owned by the shows star Lydia Rose Bright and her sister Georgia. 

I had made one of my custom jutes for Lydia, although sadly she was not there when I arrived so Georgia took it on her behalf.  I still have my fingers crossed that the girls might decide to stock the bags but as they are super busy I am not sure when or if I will ever hear from them (Give me a tweet girls if your reading this @clairemackaness)

Next stop was lunch in Cafe Rouge, followed by a quick stop off in Bababoom a super swanky baby boutique which is a favourite of the stars.  (More about that little visit soon).

Then we left Loughton and headed off for a quick mooch round Buckhurst Hill where the lovely Cara Kilbey & Billi Mucklow also from TOWIE work in their salon Belles & Beaus.  We didn't fight our way in with the buggy but did a spot of posing outside instead.

Last but not last we headed back to Brentwood and visited Lucys Boutique.  

Owner Lucy Mecklenburg is also in TOWIE and is even more stunning in real life.  

I had also made a bag for her and she loved it.  

I think she loved Little Miss Mack more though but who wouldn't when she uses smiles like these to charm shop owners!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post today - as an Essex girl myself (Epping) sadly none of these fabulous shops were in Brentwood and Loughton when I was last there!
    Jo x