Wednesday 29 February 2012

Challenge number 2 - Re-visiting Ten Minute Tasks

I admit I am far from perfect or good at this housework/re-organising/de-cluttering thing, so much so that I give good advice but dont always stick to it myself! 

Do you remember my post about Ten Minute Tasks? Well I've not been doing them recently at all.  After slapping my wrist I set too and wrote myself a list of a few to get me started.

Under sink cupboard
Pots & pans cupboard
clean the trampoline

However this was all I could come up with!  Perhaps I have been being good after all.

So I will head of now and undertake these 3 little tasks and I'd like you to read my how too post above and crack on with a list of your own. 

Pop back tomorrow for challenge number 3.

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