Sunday 31 July 2011

A custom make - Scooter Bag

As promised the long awaited blog post about my latest creation 'The Scooter Bag'

As you know I love nothing more than a custom make, in fact if I could make it work financially it would be my choice to do nothing but.

I have lots of fantastic customers now who have come to know that when they cant find what they are looking for on the high street, they just need to ask and nine times out of ten I will find a way to make their desired item for them.

Here is the story of the Scooter bag as told by Laurie Edmonds of Brentwood business Local by Social. Laurie is a Work at Home Mum of one, who runs an extremely busy lifestyle. Just like myself Laurie is very heavily involved with the local community, working with local traders and the local NCT and has her fingers in many pies, whilst running a business, a home and looking after her son. Here is her write up on why she asked me to make her the scooter bag:

My son is a fair-weather scooter rider. If he’s tired or distracted on the school run, he hops off his scooter and asks me to carry it for him. It didn’t take me long to get annoyed with having trousers covered with wheel-marks and sore ankles/shoulders depending on how I carried the scooter. I figured there must be a “scooter bag” out there for sale somewhere, but no matter how hard I looked, I just couldn’t find anything. As my sewing skills are non-existent, I could only think of one person who could take an idea and turn it into reality: Claire Mackaness! I described what I needed, and Claire instantly 'got it'! I love Cath Kidston, so we opened up Claire’s Cath catalogue, and after a bit of deliberation, both came to the same conclusion that the “London” fabric was the right choice for the bag. Claire got a bit sidetracked with custom make of her own – little Isobel Mackaness, born on 28 June – but it wasn't long before Mrs Mackaness was back in the sewing shed. I can honestly say that I get lots of admiring glances every time I take my new Cath Kidston “London” scooter bag out. And, of course, now my trousers are mark free!

Thank you, Claire.


The bag was designed from 4 panels of fabric with a draw string top to allow for the sides to move and enclose the scooter. Laurie chooses not to put the handles down on her sons scooter so has left them poking out of the top, but as you can see from my shots the whole scooter will fit inside nicely if you choose to fold it down completely.

The drawstring is housed on the inside of the bag to allow for it to be hidden out of site.

The strap is made from strong webbing and is designed so the bag can be worn across your body or on one shoulder, however you feel comfortable carrying it.

These bags can be made in Cath Kidston Fabric on request with a price on application. Alternatively a strong fabric in a patterned or 'non designer' make can be used and they will cost £24.00 + £2.00 postage.

If you are interested in ordering a custom scooter bag, please contact


  1. This is a great idea and it looks fab. You should take this to Dragons Den, it is brilliant xxx

  2. Nice to heard about the custom bags of scooters..

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  3. Claire made me one of these amazing scooter bags and ive got to say they are brilliant,Im a childminder so i have lots to carry when i go out and this bag makes life so much easier Ive even got 2 micro toddler scooters in with ease I love,love,love it,it is so well made you could have a game of tug of war with it and it wouldnt break but then thats what you get with a product made by Claire quality every time xxxx