Monday 25 July 2011

Handmade Monday

Welcome to Monday again, here I am only just blogging at 8pm as I had to squeeze in a making session today to allow me to have more than one thing to show you!

My Mother in Law was staying with us all of last week and it was great to have her around to help me with the kids and the house. She has been missed immensely already especially as no sooner had she left than Little Miss Mack and I both came down with nasty colds.

Anyhow, last Tuesday saw the creation of this rather wonderful scooter carrying bag made from 100% genuine Cath Kidston Cotton Duck in 'London'. I cannot tell you how pleasurable it was to be using this fabric, the quality really is superb.

I wont tell you the whole story behind this bag as I will be doing a post all about them later this week, so for now you can just have a couple of the many pictures I have taken of the product before it went to it's new owner.

On Thursday Little Mack came home from his swimming lesson with his very first badge. Bearing in mind there are over 30 for him to aspire to I thought sewing them on his trunks was not the best idea. Mother in Law came up with the idea of a towel and so Little Mack picked this yellow one when we were at the supermarket in the week and I have sewed his badge onto it for him. I love the applique stitch on my machine, it makes badge sewing a doddle.

Then I had a spot of downtime and played about with my new lace, making two brooches and this adult sized elasticated headband. I love making these lace flowers, they are so simple yet extremely effective and I also get to play with my hot glue gun which I always enjoy!

A lovely order from an old school friend allowed my to play with more of my new fabric and raid the ribbon stash. Anna Left the design of her little boys taggy totally up to me and let me play so I do hope she likes what I have come up with as it is slightly different from my regular blue and red boys taggies.

Last but not least I packaged up a couple of sets of buggy clips. I have lots more of these to make but due to a glue and button melting incident I am now awaiting more stocks of metal buttons before I can complete the orders. Once again sorry to any of you waiting patiently!

So that's all from me this week, I am slowly getting back into the routine of work. I have 2 and a half work days available to me this week so lets see what I can create.

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  1. Well done Claire, you are doing ever so well. I love all your makes, the lace flowers are really sweet.

    Jan x

  2. Don't know how you find the time! I especially like the taggie :)

  3. You have been a busy bee. Love all your makes especially the lace flowers.

  4. Lovely flowers and a great idea to sew the badge on a towel :)

  5. Love that bag for the scooter - and you took me back in time with your swimming badges. I sewed all my youngest daughter's onto her towel too. In fact, we still have the towel with badges intact and she's 18 now! x

  6. Sorry to hear you haven't been well - hope you are all feeling better now.

    Love the idea of the badge on the towel - hope we get to see it each time a new one is added! Congratulations to your son...

    Lovely makes - the buggy clips look great in their packaging.

    Ali x