Monday 1 August 2011

Handmade Monday

A rather uneventful week in craft land for me again this week. Izzy is just starting to get to grips with breastfeeding and I am gobsmacked how much of my time it takes to get it right. Hopefully we are almost there now and with the net two weeks taken up with childcare and visits to the grandparents for Little Mack I have plenty of sewing time on my hands so hopefully next week you will see lots more from me.

First up was a little night time creation. I was due to make a trip into town on Tuesday to visit a new boutique that has opened to see if I could persuade the owner to take some of my work on a sale or return basis. I needed to be wearing something 'statement' so I set too and made these little Suffolk puffs:

After adding some buttons they became a rather funky necklace. Not my usual style I have to admit but it did the job as lots of people stopped me and asked me about it while I was out.

Little Miss Mack did her bit too and wore her headband in style. As you can see it was designed to match her buggy! Here we are at the top of Crown Street in Brentwood.

If you ever visit the town be sure to make Crown Street top of your shopping list. There are lovely independent retailers here including a wonderful haberdashery shop (We3) a beautiful gift shop (The French Quarter) and not to forget Mesh the boutique I was visiting.

The visit was very successful and I will be making up some samples over the next few weeks to take in so watch this space for more details.

On Wednesday more buttons arrived so I was able to get making Buggy grippers. I have loads of orders for these, they have proved really popular. I have to admit I quite like the smell of the E6000 glue but as it's so strong I have to make them in small batches with all the doors and windows open!

Then there was no crafting until today when I have spent the day enjoying the sunshine streaming into the studio and got cracking on a big custom order for school hair accessories.

As the sun set I had a crack at something for me. A lovely bow tie top in this fabulous blue floral jersey which I believe to be vintage along with the blue chiffon bow. I have to admit there are a few flaws in it's design but nothing that cannot be tweaked. I think I might make a few of these to take into Mesh too. I'm thinking interchangable bows and accesorising with lace and ribbon ruffles.

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  1. The Suffolk puffs make a real statement necklace, wow, I can believe you were asked about them!

  2. How you find time to do all of these lovely things, I'll never know!

    Your headbands look gorgeous - as does the little model!

    Anna x

  3. Wow! I cannot believe you are a new mum and are achieving so much!! Well done on the boutique visits - and yes, I can see that statement piece working for you! Enjoy your snuggle time with little Izzy too - I miss mine being babies! x

  4. Snap, I've got a new baby (well, not so new now) - am impressed how much you manage to get done. Love the hair accessories.