Saturday 26 July 2014

Taking Part in the Bombers Mural

We were delighted to be involved in a project by The Brentwood Bombers last June. If you haven’t heard of The Brentwood Bombers, they are a group of ladies from Brentwood (and surrounding areas) who love all things yarn and ‘bombing’ things with yarn. 

If you don’t know what yarn bombing is, Google gives a good definition of this ‘Friendly attacks on lampposts, stop signs and other urban signage.' But of course it can be lots of other things to, like a train station just like the Brentwood Bombers did.

This project was for the Brentwood Arts Festival which was a celebration of the arts in the borough of Brentwood and this year it commemorated the First World War centenary

A few weeks before June, Beautiful Things acted as a base for the yarn bombers for meet ups, building a yarn mural and creating bunting. We created a Facebook group so everyone involved in this project could stay updated and others could get involved too.

After weeks of hard work and a lot of organsing, this was the end result. A fabulous mural at West Horndon train station and rows of bunting inside, which was all put up on the 28th June by the bombers. 

Now that the arts festival is over the mural has been donated to the Craft Club in Southend who are attempting a world record yarn bomb for Little Havens.  They have another 4 weeks to go till their grand installation so if you want to be involved do pop over to their website and see how you can help.

Our bunting was taken down by Bombers Maria,  Jacqui and her husband (man with ladders who we are most grateful to) and was then taken home by Jacqui and dismantled and washed.  We will be joining it all back together again and keeping it so we can use it at events in the future and are happy to lend it out to any community groups who might like to borrow it.

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