Sunday 26 January 2014

Vintage style hooky - starting out on my Ravelry journey

I was teaching a small group of ladies to read crochet patterns yesterday and as I was there more as a 'hand holder' rather than a teacher as such I felt the need to join them with a spot of my own hooky.

Having just finished my mammoth Granny Blanket (Ta Da post coming shortly) I wanted something small, quick and easy that I could pick up and put down as and when they needed my help.

I've been dabbling in using Ravely for a while now and have queued up a few projects in my queue including this cute crochet coat hanger pattern by Karen Anderson.  It looked simple and just what I needed for a morning of hooky pleasure.

I got out my scrap ball basket as I though it would be a perfect little odds and sods project.  It felt lovely to be hooking up rows of colour and joining the whole thing together was a breeze.

This really is a lovely project if you just want a hour or so in front of the telly with a cuppa one evening and I can just imagine  set of them tied together with lovely ribbons would make a super gift.

I have now added this project to my project list and rated it, added pictures and marked it as public, so I'm getting into the full swing of ravelry now!  Are you a Ravelry user? If so I think we can be friends. 
I'm so new to it, so send me your hits and tips, be-friend me and help me on my journey!

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  1. I really like this idea, I often feel I would like something small to make, so end up doing doilies, which is fine, but not really practical. I like padded hangers or in this case crochet ones to put jumpers on, or delicate items without snagging them on a bear hanger. Will definitely be giving this a go, with Beautiful things help.