Thursday 23 January 2014

Elspeths Homely Blanket Progress

Back in the Autumn of 2013 I wrote a post about the Homely blanket and recommended it to some of you to give it a try.

I though you might like to see Elspeths progress:

Elspeth has been working hard on completing her squares  Some of the designs she has loved and completed half a dozen or more of. Some she did not enjoy so just did a couple and some she didn't even bother with.  this is the joy of the design you can really do as much or as Little as you like.

 The time came for her to join them all together and this is where she has got stuck! If you complete just one of each square you can simply join them up as you go and then finish off the edges by filling in the gaps, but when you have a few of each square thats not so easy.

 There was only one thing for it really...............a visit to BTHQ where we shoved all the tables out of the way, spread out on the floor and starting safety pinning the work together.

 Then came the joining..............a task of actually sitting on the floor and hooking each square together.  We found this tricky at times as there were gaps which simply didn't fill so we have had to do a spot of Join as You go to fill in areas with granny clusters.

 Elspeth has now taken her creation back home to finish, but I suspect we might see her back on the floor of BTHQ before long!

I will keep you posted on her progress.



  1. I think Elspeth must be one of your most dedicated pupils, she really rises to a challenge. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to attempt such a complicated task as so many versions of the humble Granny Square. I cannot wait to see the finished blanket, and finished I know it will be.

  2. I have to agree with Christine. Enjoying joining my squares of the Granny Square Challenge, will send you a photo when I'm finished. Thank you for teaching me the skills to make first first blanket. Two more projects waiting!

  3. dedicated? or over-ambitious?! Loved making all the different squares, but struggling to join them to my satisfaction....too much of a perfectionist, I think! Seriously, though, Claire's readiness to advise, encourage and put her mind to it alongside my one lonely brain cell has been absolutely invaluable. xx to you Claire!