Friday 26 July 2013

A crochet suggestion for some of my regulars

I was chatting with Elspeth last week during an intermediate crochet session at BTHQ and we were discussing her plan to join together every little square, sample and flower she had made in class over the past 9 months into a blanket.

At first we both thought it was a wonderful idea, but then we realised that as Elspeth has improved her crochet skills in the past 6 months her work has now also improved.  She wasn't so sure if she wanted to include her slightly poorer work alongside what she is capable of now, so we reverted to a cushion for her older bits and I suggested a Homely Blanket as her next project.

What is a homely blanket I hear you cry................

Well it was started by the lovely Heike Gittins from Made with Loops as a square by square blanket to hand to her daughter when she moved out of home.  Lots of people followed her progress on Instagram and via her blog and soon lots more people joined in too!

Each week Heike publishes a new square pattern so you can learn lots of new stitches and designs whilst you peice your blanket together.

I've added this project to my growing list of 'want to makes' but for now I will leave it with you.

Instructions can be found HERE

I've found the best way to find each square is to google "Homely blanket square 1" etc.

Elspeth has ordered 8 balls of Stylecraft Special DK to work up into her blanket, here are her lovely colour choices all together and ready for her to get started.........

So if you fancy a go I'd love to see your progress.  Keep me posted and Happy Hooking



  1. Enjoyed the column on your craft space/shed in Inside Crochet -- best of luck to you!

  2. Cute! I wish I was crafty... :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy