Tuesday 25 June 2013

Nici's Crafting journey

On the 14th September 2011 I hired the local community centre, pulled together a handful of friends and taught my first class.

One of the three students was my dear friend Nici who I had only met a few months earlier via the power of Twitter.  Nici had never touched a sewing machine before but she was keen to learn so I set her up on my little John Lewis Mini Machine.

We had a wonderful evening learning to make Swedish Inspired draught excluders.

Almost two years on and it's been hard to keep Nici away.  She has been coming to Beautiful Things to learn lots of new skills and is now totally addicted to Decopatch and even more so I have her totally hooked on crochet!

Being one of the very first people I taught to crochet last Autumn she has really developed her skills and after perfecting the granny square with a big throw earlier this year she has now moved on to more detailed work.

Over the past few months Nici has often been found at BTHQ darning in ends and joining all her squares together. Using a pattern from issue 5 of Simply Crochet she has made this beautiful bag and not only that, it is fully line in blue polka dot fabric which she made and inserted using the sewing machine all by herself.

I am always proud of all my students and thoroughly enjoy watching them start out and progress on their crafty journey.  Now we need to find the next project for Nici.

I hope to be back with more student profiles shortly.

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