Friday 5 April 2013

Granny Square Challenge - Week 1

Hello and welcome to the week 1 round up of our Granny Square Challenge.  I've been hooking like a loon this week and really got into the swing of things. Completing another 6 sets of 6 squares to add to my existing 4 by Sunday (60 square in a week)!

My new 6 sets

All my  squares so far

Laid out blanket stylee

I'm really enjoying this challenge and I'm determined to keep going until I get a blanket worth putting on my bed.  I can really see a giant heirloom blanket that I can snuggle under with both my children and they will eventually inherit!  (We shall see)

Lots of you signed up to join us:

Christine, Diane, Mellissa, Donna, Susan, Nici and Julie are with us so far (tell me if I have forgotten you I'm sorry in advance).

Julie is making a mini granny blanket and obviously has a lot of patience, she is using Lucy from Attic24's mini square pattern.  Here is a picture of her squares so far: 


Diane has blogged all about her granny square challenge HERE she is using Tiny Tin Birds Granny Pattern 

Christine has also blogged about her 1st week HERE

Christine, Dane & Nici were taught by me at Beautiful Things HQ.  If you would like to learn how to crochet or make granny squares you can click for a list of classes

If you would like to join in, comment below and send me any photos or links to your blogs via e-mail

Don't forget to visit the blogs of those taking part and comment I know they would love your support to keep on hooking!

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