Friday 29 March 2013

Granny Square Challenge

I've been hooking up some little piles of granny squares this week and have found it really enjoyable.  The piles grow ever so quickly and it's a fabulously portable project.  

I've wanted a white granny blanket for a few years now and I'm finally feeling ready to get one made.  I thought you might like to join in?

So here's the challenge:

Working over 6 weeks we will come together to make as many granny squares as we can.  For those of you who have had enough after 6 weeks, join them together to make a blanket but if your feeling like a mammoth challenge, use the 6 week kick starter and carry on hooking for as long as you want until you have enough to make a blanket of your choice.  I'm thinking I might keep this as an ongoing work in progress (WIP) to pick up and put down between other hooky projects as I have always had a double bed size blanket on my bucket list.

Every Friday evening I will post an update of where I have got to with my squares and link back to any of you who are joining in and have blogged about your progress.  Do send me a message, comment or facebook post to let me know how your getting on.

I have found a really good way of ensuring a little bit of pattern in my finished blanket and I will share it with you now.  

I chose a 4 round granny square pattern, using a colour in the centre, white, a contrasting colour and a final round of white.

I decided to make 6 of each colour way and rather than changing colours all the time.  I make 6 centres, go round those 6 in white, add the next colour to all six and then finish off all 6 with white.

You can choose any granny square pattern you like and join in with the challenge at any time, just let me know your hooking along with me too.

On our marks, get set................GO GRANNY!!


  1. What a great idea, love the idea of creating 6 of each square. What wool would you suggest?

  2. I'm using DK by Stylecraft and purchased from Deramores online. Any DK would be fine though

  3. I intend joning the challenge, but have to buy some wool first, undecided what colours to use. I may not get very many made as I volunteered to finish off the ends for the bright spark who set up this challenge LOL xx

  4. I will be using scraps of red heart Super Saver I have promised myself not to buy any more yarn until I use what I have... it will be hard but I can do it

  5. Wool purchased ready to join in. Going to make a cushion with chunky wool first to practice my granny squares.