Tuesday 13 March 2012

Marie Donn - professional product photography

 On Saturday I went over to a secret Brentwood location for a photo shoot with Marie Donn.  Marie is a professional photographer and Mumpreneur like myself who is in the process of 'going solo'.

Marie wanted to do an Easter/Mothers Day shoot so asked if she could borrow Little Miss Mack.  Who was I to say no!  We agreed to shoot her wearing and using some of my products so that we could use the photos for joint publicity.

I have to admit I never realised quite what goes into a shoot. Both Marie and I took props along and set up a lovely little scene in the woods.  As you can see we were armed with garden canes to suspend bunting from and Little Miss Mack was clothed in a basic babygrow and tights so that I could slip her in and out of various skirts and accessories with ease.

I took my own camera long to capture the 'scene'

She really was the perfect little model and did Mummy proud.

As a crafter I have always appreciated how important it is to have good photos of your products to sell your wares, but never quite so much as now.  Believe me once you see your products in a wonderful setting and photographed by a professional I don't think you'll ever go back to doing it yourself!  As an example within 5 minutes of adding the picture of me with my bag to facebook I had sold it.

I know if I can find a way I will definitely be using Marie again.  I have been fortunate enough to see all of the shots and they truly are stunning.  It wont be long before I can share more of them with you but for now you'll have to make do with  these.

 You can find Marie at her website www.mariedonnphotography.com but she is also of Facebook at www.facebook.com/MarieDonnPhotography


  1. wow lovely shots, I agree photos make such a huge differance your little girl is the perfect model :) x

  2. It was an absolute pleasure Claire - and I can't wait to meet up with you again! I loved how we turned a tiny corner people drive past every day without a thought into a Spring haven, and I look forward to sharing more photos from the shoot at Easter!