Monday 12 March 2012

A day in the life of

I’ve been asked so many times “How do you do it all”.  I always answer “I have no idea” so I thought that for one day I would write down everything I did in a fairly typical day, just to see.

So here goes, this is a fairly regular day (although I have to add that Mr Mack is home today so I have been able to go out to meetings and leave Little Miss Mack at home).

6.30 – Little Mack comes in to wake me up, he goes off to watch telly and I go back to bed.
7.00 – Little Miss Mack wakes up and is placed in the lounge with Little Mack to watch telly and I go back to bed.
7.30 – I get up, make breakfast for both kids, get washed & dressed, change Little Miss Macks bum, get Little Mack dressed, pack the book bag, make tea for Mr Mack and coffee & toast for me.
8.40 – Walk Little Mack to school
8.50 – drop off at school and walk up to the town hall to deliver an order
9.10 – arrive at the Toby Carvery for a coffee and sit down for 20 minutes to check e-mails, twitter & Facebook
9.30 – Meet a friend and business acquaintance for a run.  During said run I dropped off a form and some money to another client as we ran past their house and discussed the Brentwood Bag Project and work we needed to do on the project whilst we ran.  ‘Business meeting on the run’
10.00 – Arrive home, shower, dress, apply makeup, make coffee, check e-mails, package up 6 orders, change Little Miss Macks bum, load dishwasher, and put washing on.
11.15 – Collect running partner again (this time in the car) and head off to a meeting at a local school
11.30 – Meeting for one hour
12.45 – Drop running partner home again, post packages at the post office, pop to local sandwich bar to buy bagels for lunch with Mr Mack
1.15 – Eat lunch, half an hour Skype chat with Manager in Australia, tweet, check e-mail, update Facebook, hang washing out, put Little Miss Mack down for a nap and give her a bottle, make some business calls.
2.45 – Collect Little Mack from school (mini business meeting whilst waiting with one of the Dads who is opening a new business in town soon)
3.10 – tidy up lounge, clean Little Mack following disastrous lunchtime pasta sauce incident at school, find business Dad on Twitter and tweet him some links, wash up, clean kitchen.
3.55 – Head out to local radio station
4.15 – Interviewed for Brentwood Bag Project on Phoenix FM
5.00 – Arrive home, make Little Macks bed, cook Little Macks tea, sit down to start typing up this diary (until this point and then I will save it till later)
I’m back

6.00 – Put washing up away, write a shopping list, and wash up more stuff! Supervise Little Macks tea, fold washing and put away, pack change bag for tomorrow, get school uniform etc out for tomorrow, bath Little Miss Mack, get Little Mack in the tub, make bottle for Little Miss Mack and get husband to put her to bed, upload some photos from my camera, tidy hall.
7.00 – bath Little Mack whilst skyping a colleague, dry off and get Little Mack into PJ’s put to bed
7.38 – Sit down to type a bit more of this diary and check Facebook, Twitter, e-mails etc.

Plans for the rest of the evening:

Eat dinner (Mr Mack has cooked that)
Diary planning
Booking appointments
Arranging childcare
Possibly watching telly (in the background whilst ironing/admin)
Getting up and down to a teething baby, before going to bed and then doing it all again tomorrow.

Ok…………on reflection, maybe I am superwoman!

And that's a business meeting/admin kind of day.  A making day can be completely different.

Hows your day been?  What do you get up to on a typical day?

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  1. I too have been involved in my job as 'Studio Technician', cutting out fabric and sorting various items for future use by Beautiful Things by Claire Mackaness. I cannot possibly compete with what you have packed in today, but then I am retired in theory. However, I like to try to keep busy and the old grey matter ticking over.