Friday 9 December 2011

Community markets

Last Sunday when I should have been having my stall at Ingrave Community Market, I visited Point Cook Market. An almost identical setup in the local community centre, where local crafty people sell their wares.

This lady doesn't have a website or even an e-mail address that I can share with you, but I just had to feature her work. It was so totally perfect and intricate and she uses the most amazing fabrics. Nothing on her stall cost more than $10 and she sells her work purely for the love of it. Crazy if you ask me, she could be making a fortune on the web.

This lovely lady operates more like me and sells her beautiful aprons for a living. Made with the most amazing curtaining fabric you can buy Maggies aprons from her Big Cartel shop HERE

Maggie very kindly let me into her secret supply shop for this beautiful owl fabric and I'm off there before I come home. Fingers crossed I can acquire some as I feel the need to make bags!

Lovely smellies and teacup candles from Indulge Your Senses, (again no website sadly).

The lovely knitted and stitched creations on the stall above are made by the Jameson Way Crafters. A lovely group of ladies headed up by Bev (who I went garage saleing with). My Mother in Law is a member of this group and I will be reporting from the group later in the week!
These ladies make all sorts of knitted and stitched items from donated craft supplies and all of their profits are given to worthwhile causes. They have a stall at the market each month and also at the local hospital.

These beautiful T-shirts are made by Lara from La Mia Creations, If my Little Lady was a little bit bigger I could easily have been tempted!

Just goes to show that no matter where in the world you are there are talented people who find all sorts of ways to share their craft with the world.

I'm here for another 6 weeks, so I'll keep you posted on my crafty finds along the way.


  1. Wow, sounds amazing! So much talent and so many lovely crafts. Can't wait to see what else you find on your travels.

  2. I applaud the ladies who donate their profits, there are some lovely people all over the world.

    Jan x