Saturday 27 August 2011

Insta Friday

life rearranged

So I have just discovered Instagram, a fab little ap for the iphone that lets you take cool pictures that look like they were taken on an old 70's camera.

I also discovered a blog that runs a great little day called Insta Friday. Click on the button above to find out more. Basically you upload all your weeks instagram photos to your blog and share with your followers what you have been getting up to. So here's mine:As you know we went away to a Teepee at the weekend. Here is the view from inside on a sunny afternoon. I was inside instead of out in the sun because I was feeding Little Miss Mack in the cool.

Here she is sucking her thumb just after she'd finished her grub.

Lazing outside in the sunshine looking up at the TeePee. There's something quite majestic about them dont you think?

As the afternoon drew to a close I captured the corn fields in the late afternoon sun.

After all that sun came rain today and Little Mack and I went to town to run errands. We got soaked but clad in wellies and a rain coat he had the time of his life and still enjoyed an icecream at the ice cream parlour. I had a nice warm cappuccino!

Why dont you join in with Insta friday. If you do please pop your links below, I'd love to see what you got up to.

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