Monday 29 August 2011

Handmade Monday

What a busy week. I have been furiously creating for MESH boutique in Brentwood. Heres the shots I took when I delivered the first batch of goods.

I've done nothing else this week which is very unlike me!

Lots more photos to be seen on the facebook page, just click the MESH link and you can take a peek.


  1. They all look fab Claire - I especially love that necklace at the top x

  2. so happy for you, did I tell you I popped into the French quarter to see your bag?

  3. They look great Claire, good luck in your new outlet.

    Jan :o)

  4. These are great - you feel really proud when you see your things for sale in a shop!
    Jo x

  5. I love your scarves! They are so different.